Monday, January 06, 2014

Tourism stakeholders urged to promote wildlife attractions

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Tanzania: Tourism stakeholders should be at the forefront in promoting the country’s wildlife attractions among Tanzanian children so they can develop interest to visit the various national parks and zoos.

This was said last week by Shukrani Lusinde, a villager from Ifakara, a small rural town in Kilombero District, Morogoro Region, who was accompanied by children living with cancer from “Tumaini la Maisha”, Muhimbili National Hospital to a Dar es Salaam Zoo.

“There is a need to market the animal and bird species in the country so as to enrich the citizens right from childhood with environmental knowledge.

“During our trip to the zoo, I saw many animals that I’d never heard of or even seen in pictures. But now I know animals such as aardvark, ostrich and spotted hyena. I’m sure there are many Tanzanians like me who are ignorant of the country’s eco-wildlife attractions. So I urge the stakeholders to promote these sites so as to make good citizens,” she said.

She also said that Tanzania is blessed with a number of bird species, which children should have knowledge on and learn to embrace.

She said there is a need for those institutions to carry out a local tourism promotional campaign in various regions to market Tanzania’s spectacular potential.

The local tourism promotional campaign should reach in those areas, price charged on it and to meet this initiative they can organise a meeting with the village’s leaders or district’s leaders to see how they can implement the said programme.

"When I go back home to Ifakara, I will definitely be a good ambassador, be able to convince villagers to visit various tourist attractions that we have in Tanzania,” she said.

Frola Musa, Office attendant at Tumaini la Maisha House noted that local people should be educated on environmental conservation issues to protect wildlife and bird species for tourism sake.

She also called on parents in their leisure time to take their children to various tourist sites.

Meanwhile, for her part, Director of Marketing of the Nature Adventure Programme, Tetula Okama said that just like any other human being, children need to be loved, cared and respected, and that’s why her organisation decided to organise the tour so they could socialise and see the country’s exceptional blend of scenery of wildlife available within the country.

She said that they decided to take the children to the city zoo so they could see, get entertained and learn about animal history, their reproduction and habits and relate them with what they normally learn in class.

“We as parents feel responsible to take care of these children. When they join us in a special day like the New Year, they no longer feel isolated,” she said.
The one day tour which was supported by Dar es Salaam based tour company - Nature Adventure Programme also involved parents, guardians, nurses, teachers and tour guides.